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Hey All, thanks for visiting my blog.

I love food. I mean I really love food. I have a “healthy” appetite. I’m the girl that gets teased by friends and family because I will order multiple items at a restaurant…..and eat all of it. “Fat Girl” was a nickname that I was given by friends and family….and I’m okay with it. I just laugh it off. I know that I am healthy, fit and strong. In my travels I have been called gorda, gordita and I’ve heard the “wow she likes her rice” comments… but throughout the rest of the world these are compliments. This blog began as a way for my family and friends to keep up with me when I’m traveling and living far from home. A way for me to share favorite recipes and adventures, but it’s morphed into so much more.

Nowadays I eat mostly healthy, non-GMO food, most of it grown locally and I LOVE to cook, so I’ve been known to whip up a mean dinner or two. And for exercise I try to get outside and go for an adventure, sometimes just a mini adventure, but it sure beats the stair climber or spin class. And I love yoga. It has changed my life.

Speaking of adventure, I am perfectly okay living out of a backpacking and traveling the world, and since I don’t have any fears I find myself in really random situations…crashing wedding parties, hitching rides in Mexico, and taking a nap at 1700 feet below the ocean’s surface for the mere chance that I’ll see a six gill shark, sleeping on a fishing boat in Raja Ampat…you get the picture.

This blog is my opportunity to share with you my stories of adventure and misadventure while travelling, my favorite meals and libations, and my real adventures in the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!

And I am not apologetic about calling my blog Fat Girl Does the World…so if it bothers you it’s your problem….deal with your shit!!!



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have been to Maehongson a few times and has taken quite a lot of photos but still need one I have in mind, and thought I found that from your site. The mae-hong-son-view. I want to use it for my Powerpoint slides basically. Thanks for sharing/allowing me to save the photo. I hope it means I can use it and of course I will cite your web page, even for my PP presentation. Thanks.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog when I typed in “downsides to yoga teacher training”.
    Great blog by the way!!
    I just signed up for a 4 month 200 hour yoga teacher training and scared shitless! I love yoga so much but never saw myself as a teacher, am a loud talker, coming up on 50, and freak whenever I’m in front of a group!
    However I am stretching myself and love every journey out of my comfort zone. I feel this won’t be an exception.
    Would love to hear your thoughts and if you are now a yoga teacher! Thanks for sharing your honesty…it’s so refreshing!! Namaste!

    • Becky, hope you enjoyed your teacher training. I was a bit nervous for my first few classes as a new teacher, now it comes naturally. I’ve been teaching about 10 classes a week. My advice is to teach whenever and wherever you can…. even if it’s to just one or two students. Good Luck!

  3. YES! Thank you for thinking of me! It went amazing and so happy I went through with it!! As intensive as it was it was a mind blowing, transformative experience and I am forever changed by it. I am now teaching at a new gym to about 6 students 3 days a week! So rewarding and love sharing my love of yoga and what it can do for the body and mind! Thank you and I will keep your blog in my bookmarks…love it!

  4. your drink recipes, holy shit. think I’ll be trying all of them. Question… and this is to satisfy my own curiosity, and maybe some needed inspiration. how do you fund your trips and adventures? do you have a home base? or do you permanently live out of your backpack?

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you for the compliment on the drinks. In a past life I was a bartender, so I enjoy mixing flavor profiles to create fun cocktails.

      I do have a homebase. I base myself out of Bend, Oregon. How do I fund my trips? I save… I don’t go out drinking much and I eat out only once or twice a week. I’m also a yoga instructor, so occasionally I lead retreats in the destinations I’d like to explore. For instance, this year I am leading retreats in Nicaragua, Bali, and Greece (plus two more here in the Pacific Northwest). I also check flights regularly and I pretty much only buy tickets when they’re a screaming deal. This May I will be traveling from Thailand to Singapore and my ticket from the PNW was only $440! Deals are out there… it just takes a bit of patience.

      Happy traveling Kathleen!

      Love and Light,

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